Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • apb
    09-07 06:06 PM
    Scene at Consulate
    IO:--> Dear applicant, You can apply for a long process to getting your PR/GC and here are the deals. Apply with high fees. Get RFE answered within limited time frame or loose. Wait for labor (go through labor pain..:-) ), do not get/expect promotion, Oh ya get your well educated spouse, Make them sit at home, make them feel unproductive, pay all your taxes, pay your social security BUT do not expect anything back, In the process if your kids age out separate them from you (send them back), If you wish to study pay highest fees, if you get promoted stand in queue again, pay frequent medical fees, AP, EAD fees, and yes YOU can always TRACK RNs for them. You can whine, post your opinions, when we change policies on the fly and create more hardships even if you have stayed here for more than 6 years, you can call up our customer service, be imaginative and get to level 2 and still get yelled at, asked to wait for 90 days (std reply), etc, but you can always go to good forum like IV and instead of working on your cause, create confusion, DEMAND action, not contribute....etc.

    H1B applicant:--> SO WHAT IS THE CATCH.

    IO:--> YOU THA MAN. Welcome to USA. Land of the free home of the brave. But for you there will be no freedom and for your type..stay in fear.

    Hope one more catch the vision of IV

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  • GCStatus
    09-14 04:10 AM
    It sounds easy..but funding drives are not always easy when reality strikes...how about starting a spreadsheet with names and ph# of people who are willing to contribute $100 for this lawsuit. As soon as we have the 1000th name, we start depositing money to a bank account. 100 grand is not small amount and I am sure we can find a good enough lawyer to start a lawsuit for that kind of money.

    I and my wife are ready with our 100 bucks each.....and can help with maintaing the spreadsheet etc.... how do we get those 1000 names now....or do we even have support of 1000 people around here...that is the biggest question.


    Friends - Please PM me or MAN-WOMAN and GC, your respectively details. We will start accumnulating names.

    Show time !

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  • greenkard
    03-15 02:29 PM
    already did that. Is calling the only thing at the moment? Why don't you let EB3 guys talk a little?

    My friend suggested this forum. Looks to be very good site and seems to be active. I am EB# from India.
    Can you tell me why EB3 is lagging so much

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  • titu1972
    08-14 08:46 AM
    All my checks encashed yesterday. Though my present residence is in TX and I-140 approved by NSC in 2006, still my case didn't transfered to TSC. I'm July 02 filer.


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  • desi3933
    07-10 06:50 AM
    Problem with that argument once you own more than 5% of the company you will have file as investor. If your wife owns the company then you will have file under relative category. There were denials based on this.

    Total BS. Do you have any reference link for case denials?

    You are confusing filing new I-140 with employer (where beneficiary has >5% share) with AC-21 job change.


    lineas del metro. cerca 5 lineas de metro
  • cerca 5 lineas de metro

  • sparklinks
    09-02 03:29 PM
    I filed on June 18th (RD) and I am still waiting...current one Expires in 3 weeks. Any suggestion what I should do.


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  • Lasantha
    02-07 12:20 PM
    Based on my limited knowledge, and what I have read in this forum, it would seem it's always beter to maintain your H1B non-immigrant status as long as possible. That was why I said that.

    To clarify - are you suggesting that it is advisable to use AVR if you have both AP and AVR, and you have not used EAD or AC21 so far. Also, my spouse and myself could be returning at different times in to the country from Canada. Does this change the preference of using either AVR or AP. Since I am the primary applicant but of course we plan to land together.

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  • desi3933
    06-23 12:19 PM
    Can an employer revoke the I-140 after 180 days of I-485 pending?

    Yes. However, AC-21 can save the I-485 for the beneficiary even if I-140 is revoked/canceled as long as the date of such request is dated after 180 calendar days of I-485 filing date.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • raju123
    05-23 09:49 AM
    I emailed all Senators using aila's web site

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  • snathan
    02-09 08:39 PM
    I am sending $ 20 ...

    Please keep sending emails to all members and encourage them to chip in regularly..

    Thanks for your contribution. Please pursuade your friends and relatives also


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  • bkarnik
    05-02 09:03 PM
    If the CIR seems likely to pass, I believe Sen. Cornyn will push for this bill to be added to the CIR as an amendment, much similar to what Sen. Durbin did with the DREAM bill. Amongst the bills I have seen, this bill is the best one so far. Agreed it does not address all that we want....but compared to where we are, this bill will achieve a lot for us. Especially, if the AOS clause passes, it pretty much means that you can file I-485 i.e. it means that you and your dependents become eligible for EAD and all the benefits associated with it. :)

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  • GCapplicant
    07-27 10:09 PM
    Where the hell all these guys when EB3 is getting 80K to 100K of total 140K visas all these years and EB2 is getting just merely 10%-15%. Nobody from EB2 didn't felt jealous like this before. It is hard to digest for them now.

    Hi Dpp

    kindly dont use hell ! jealous , these type of words are not required for any argument.
    If you want EB2 I to get the visas and move forward...it will.

    I understand u r EB2 ....EB3 I is frustrated...like how you want ur GC its the same line EB3 I is also.

    The guys from EB3I have been waiting all these years.

    Its the DOL's mistake for the delay of labor approvals ,hence the visa wastage.Otherwise this backlog for EB3 I woudnt have been there in the first place.

    The two years standard gap would have been maintained there for EB3 I and EB2 I as usual.

    When there is no movement ,this will be the reaction for the EB3 I people.

    When you are eager for yr Gc ,the same rule applies for everone.

    There is a big block EB3 row in between -so dont say all the visas were taken by Eb3 I only.

    Did you know the visa flow earlier?

    I never knew.People learn by experience.

    These frustrations are not jealousy...Eb3 I is suffering and waiting for a solution.

    kindly dont under estimate anyone's feelings.Every family here is undergoing pressures and agony.

    I participated in the mail campaign... We are fighting for the lost justice.

    Let us team as one and work best.Ever one deserves their own share.

    I am not here for any argument.


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  • StarSun
    02-08 09:17 AM
    Thank you KiranKashi, rsamudrala, sundaarpn, tonyhk12

    Total Contributions: $1300
    Contributions needed: $48,700

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  • pappu
    05-04 10:48 AM

    is a comparison chart for skil bill. Is there any way we can get that. it will help us analyse this better.

    (Chart comparing the SKIL Bill, introduced by Senator Cornyn (R-TX) on May 3, 2006, to other Senate bills, including the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006. Chart prepared by the American Council on International Personnel for the Compete America coalition, of which AILA is a member. AILA Doc. No. 06050461.)


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  • Vsach
    07-09 09:46 PM
    Let's organize...

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  • sanhari
    08-24 02:27 PM
    Anybody have any update or heard anything on the visa recapture bill HR5658(111th congress)?


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  • gccovet
    02-09 03:00 PM
    Transaction ID #34211805W72220746

    thank you Jelo, your valuable contribution takes us to $443.00

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  • dixie
    12-12 08:04 PM
    Technically, we are applicants for immigrant status who are stuck in non-immigrant status indefinitely. A prospective immigrant is different from one granted legal residency (GC holder). Not sure if it makes a difference or not in the eyes of congressmen.

    GCWaitforever, please make sure if stating that you are an immigrant is acceptable or not; in your letter to Sen. Sessions, I mean...

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  • ilikekilo
    03-07 06:52 PM
    not sure UN where U get this info but appreciate the insight..

    09-09 04:35 PM
    I received 2-emails one 9/5 and one on 9/9 with the same message saying my EAD card production Ordered. I don't know why they have sent 2 emails.

    I am still waiting for my wife's approval. Even though we applied on same day.

    ND: 07/25

    07-05 06:29 PM
    dont give ur return address..jack Bauer may be on ur trail.

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